Track Virtually Anything

Track certifications, licensing, drug testing, vehicle maintenance & inspections, or virtually anything else that requires renewal. Customizable fields allow for rich data to accompany each record, making complicated record-keeping simple and easy at scale.

Vehicle fleet tracking, personnel records, and even custom record types with file attachments are easy to create and beautifully coexist within the Expiration Ninja dashboard. Whether you have dozens of records or thousands, Expiration Ninja will keep you right on track.

Extremely Easy to Use

Expiration Ninja’s easy-to-use dashboard shows upcoming renewals for the next 30, 60, and 90 days with easy one-click exports of data to .csv format. Our user-friendly design makes customizing fields easy, putting you in control of every aspect of your records.

Our beautiful, intuitive user interface eliminates the frustration that accompanies traditional spreadsheet and database management, allowing you to focus on the most important information without distractions.

Custom Reporting & Administration

Expiration Ninja makes it easy to generate custom reports based on record types and custom date ranges, and our elegant design makes user management and permissions a breeze.

Easy to use, powerful, and versatile, trust Expiration Ninja to do the heavy lifting of records management so that you can get back to what's most important.


Starter - $15/mo

  • 1 Dataset
  • 100 Dataset Items
  • 5 Action Items
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Enhanced - $25/mo

  • 3 Dataset
  • 500 Dataset Items
  • 25 Action Items
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Unlimited - $100/mo

  • Unlimited Datasets
  • Unlimited Dataset Items
  • Unlimited Action Items

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"Part of my job is to keep up with multiple types of certifications and requirements for my nurses, physical therapist and aides. With Expiration Ninja my job has become significantly faster and more efficient.  I would recommend Expiration Ninja to anyone that has expirations that could severely affect their employment."
"Expiration Ninja has been a life saver. As the chief of police, it is my responsibility to ensure that all my officers and communication officers are up to date on multiple certifications. With an extremely limited amount of time it is a daunting task for me to handle alone.  Thank you, Expiration Ninja"
"While using spreadsheets, all my time was wasted sorting and searching for who was needing which renewals. With Expiration Ninja I can complete this task in a matter of minutes. I can quickly and easily have a breakdown of which employee is up for any type of renewal. I am also able to give the employees a 90 ,60, and 30-day warning to help them stay in compliance.  Expiration Ninja has literally saved my employer money and time."